Tuesday, February 16, 2016

How to correctly apply mineral airbrush makeup

I often hear people talk about the "splatter effect".

Airbrush makeup is an easy art to learn. If your makeup blotches or puddles, you are either spraying it on too close to the skin or too long in the same spot. 

Water base airbrush makeup does not dry like paints or other forms of wet makeup.

Airbrush makeup also requires it be applied in layers!

The secret to airbrushing airbrush makeup is to hold your airbrush at least 4 inches away from your skin and blow around your face in circles your first layer.

I tell all my clients to use an HAIR BLOW DRYER and dry the first airbrush makeup layer before spraying on a second coat. 

Next, use an HAIR BLOW DRYER and dry your second airbrush makeup layer too.

Your makeup should now have medium coverage.

If you desire heavy coverage, repeat the above steps.

After you have reached your desired airbrush makeup coverage and dried it pretty well with the HAIR BLOW DRYER, you may or may not have what is called the "Dew Effect".

Most waterbase airbrush makeup contain glycerin. 

Glycerin draws moisture from the air and is good for your skin as long as the glycerin in diluted correctly in the formula.

If Glycerin isn't diluted with water to the correct consistency, glycerin will have the opposite effect and draw moisture from your skin. This is not desired! No one wants their skin to dry out! Even if you have acne! This is not the desired way to clear up any acne since it is not addressing the acne problem it self! Not likely to clear it up either!

So, if your finish still has a "Dew Effect/sticky feeling on your skin, use 100% Silica Finishing Powder!

Silica, a'k'a' Silicon Dioxide is a white powder that will vanish when applied correctly!

A small amount of 100% Silica Finishing Powder goes a long way!

To correctly apply 100% Silica Finishing Powder, dab a kabuki or face powder brush into your

100% Silica Finishing Powder. Then, tap off the excess powder.

Next and most important, DO NOT BREATH THIS POWDER IN! 

Close your lips and hold your breath as you DAB the powder all over your face. 

Then you use your brush and in circular motions, lightly swirl it in to get an even more beautiful and softer finish to your airbrush makeup!

If you have ever heard of Sephora HD Forever Finishing Powder, this is what you are applying to your skin.! Lori G Ashley mineral airbrush cosmetics sells  100% Silica Finishing Powder far cheaper than Sephora. 

If you wish to pay for the brand name Sephora instead of the Lori G Ashley brand name, your choice.

I hope you find this written tutorial helpful!

Lori G Ashley


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