Thursday, April 26, 2018

 DIY mineral makeup


Been reading many DIY mineral powder sites. 

You HAVE to do more than SHAKE those colors to mix in with the base! 

A couple of base powder recipes I read are okay. Some are not going to stand up well all day and some have added unnecessary non mineral powders as filler powder. 

DIY mineral foundation and eye shadows is awesome. 

However, if all you do is shake the color additives to your base, then apply it without grinding that mix or rolling the crap out of it, IT IS GOING TO STREAK WHITE< BROWN< YELLOW< RED, ect... all over your face!!! 

If you are doing DIY mineral powder makeup, mortar/pestle it well or mush the crap out of it in a plastic bag before applying it to your face! 

Also, use a face primer of your choice before applying your face mineral powder too. Adhesion and smoother look will benefit greatly. 

Dry mineral powders can be applied with silicon or water base primers, unlike liquid makeup. 

Also, you can use 1 tsp parts face moisturizer with 1/2 tsp part Aloe Vera jell mixed together well, then add 1 1/2tsp  mineral powder foundation for making your own liquid cream mineral foundation on days you don't have time to airbrush. Hope this helps my DIY'ers.

DIY Mineral Makeup Kit 

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